New Year's Resolutions

I solemnly swear that starting January 1st I will go to the gym 4 times a week, eat only organic foods, and cut down on my spending. What you cannot see right now is me laughing hysterically to all of the above. All of that (and I mean all of it) will never happen. I barely exercise one day a week now, let alone jump to 4 just because it’s a new year. Let’s be at least slightly realistic please.

For the past several years my only New Year’s resolution has been to come up with something that I actually want to do. Usually it involves eating a food or beverage that I have never tried. Past years results have been a cronut (success) and a Bloody Mary (fail. Never again). 

As a lover of Greek food, I have decided my new year’s resolution of 2016, will be eating a gyro. They were everywhere when I lived in Paris, but something about meat off a giant spit from a street corner didn’t appeal to me. Luckily, Brit and her boyfriend Mike are gyro lovers and know where to get ones that won’t gift me food poising after eating it.

Maybe because this year has been so full of major life changes and all, I have decided to break my rule and add a few more resolutions to my list. I got really into it and came up with about 15 than realized I was setting myself up for failure and did some editing. This is what I was left with:

1.   Take a self-defense or hip-hop dance class with Brit.

There are several benefits behind each class. They would be beneficial because they are both forms of exercise, they would be fun, they would teach me how to protect myself. All good things in my opinion. Anyone know of any good ones?

2.   Take a trip.

Since I have several good friends who live in NYC I find myself there quite often. Whatever trip I take for my resolution has to involve a plane. I have a few ideas lined up. One of them involves hiking boots so I’m a little skeptical. Nature and I aren’t really the best of friends. For now, this category is TBD.

3.   Eat out less during the week.

   This will by far be my most challenging (it’s also my motivation to save money for resolution number 2). Hate is a strong word and I use it lightly. With that being said, I HATE cooking. Take out is a beautiful thing. In West Chester there are so many healthy options that you don’t even feel guilty. The thoughts of coming home from work and making myself food when I could be spending that valuable time watching Mad Men episodes on Netflix and eating my take out, is excruciating. This year I will teach myself to tolerate cooking and learn how to make something besides pasta and peanut butter sandwiches.

You should never dread your New Year’s resolution or you’ll never do it. Why would you force yourself to do something awful (crossfit)? Once you make your resolutions fun, you will have no problem fulfilling them. I’ll keep you updated about how mine turn out. Stay tuned for many failed recipes and hilarious stories.