Like we’ve said before, West Chester overflows with restaurants and we like (LOVE) to eat, so it’s really a match made in heaven.

Limoncello is one such establishment that we simply cannot get enough of. To us, it is so good that we cry a little just thinking about its awesomeness.

It is a family owned Italian jewel located on Walnut Street (within walking distance from our office and apartment. How terribly wonderful).

To put into perspective for you the level of holiness Limoncello exudes, remember that Brit lived in Italy for a year and as a result, has become a tad snobby about what she puts into her mouth. To Brit, Limoncello is on the same level as the delicacies she noshed on in Florence. And just a warning, if you ever spot her in, near, or around an Olive Garden, call the police because she has been kidnapped.  

Feeling the need for a bit of luxury, we got all spiffied up after our most recent blog shoot, and partook of Limoncello’s lunch buffet.

We know this saying is overused but there are truly “no words” to describe our experience.

Upon walking up to the buffet you are faced with anywhere between 15 to 20 options of authentic Italian food. It is overwhelming in the best way possible. Three different types of salads, roasted zucchini, eggplant, and peppers, mushrooms, fritters (Em would take a bullet for them), potatoes, green beans, seafood risotto, ravioli, meatballs, and chicken are just some of the offerings you can choose from. Brit jumped the gun and removed her lipstick before even taking a bite. Pre-full lip nudity is a first for us. The bar has been set.

Realizing that rounds were necessary to try everything (obviously. If you only have 1 plate at a buffet you are doing it all wrong) we dove in. Brit made a good point that, in the words of Jon Snow, “winter is coming,” and we must be prepared. The more you eat the warmer you are. That’s a fact right?

Brit began her descent into happiness by selecting veggies and salad for her first plate, and Em chose basically a little of everything. Em was actually blissfully silent during the meal and only opened her mouth to talk about the fritters (with cinnamon and sugar on top), or to say that she was getting another.

The order in which we ate the food sort of became a blur in the end, but we can safely say, that combined, we had 5 plates.

The seafood risotto had equal parts seafood and rice in a light yet creamy sauce. Calamari, which was perfectly cooked and not at all chewy (Bravo Limoncello!), mussels, and clams were scattered lovingly amongst the rice.

Both of us could not resist the song of the ravioli (they called to us like the song of the mythical Greek Sirens). As Brit noted, the ravioli (done in a wonderful marinara), must have been homemade. The dough was thick and flavorful and the ricotta filling was as it should be, perfection.  

Em went into an early food coma, so she wasn’t able to fit in a meatball, but Brit did and said they were everything she hoped they would be.

In addition to all of the above mentioned food, we also tried a plain slice of pizza and classic Italian white bread with olive oil. The olive oil was so pure and reminiscent of that of Florence, that Brit said she would pay for it by the drop.

Are you finally getting the idea that we would recommend this buffet and restaurant to every human being in the world? If you eat here and are not over the moon happy and running to a chapel to marry your lasagna, then you must have brain damage.

At only $10.95 per person, plus the variety and high authenticity of the food, we not only give Limoncello full lip nudity, but full body nudity as well.