Penn's Table

When in doubt, go to Penn’s Table. That’s pretty much a motto around here in West Chester, PA. Located on the corners of Gay and Church streets, Penn’s Table is the cornerstone of downtown West Chester when it comes to breakfast and lunch. 

Loved for its old time diner feel and outstanding food and service, consider yourself #blessed to score a table here, especially on the weekends.

Brit and I frequent Penn’s Table often, whether for take-out or a late breakfast and we have never been disappointed. Most recently, deciding against going grocery shopping (yet again) we justified our decision by doing a review on 2 of Penn’s Table’s best lunchtime options, a club and a wrap.

Turkey club on rye

Oh, how I love a turkey club from Penn’s Table. Let me count the ways:

1.     You can get it on toasted rye bread. I love toasted bread and I love rye bread. Match made in heaven.

2.     They have no problem modifying the sandwich. Some restaurants are very bothered by this, but Penn’s Table always takes out the tomato and gives me the mayo on the side (for dipping fries into no less).

3.     The french fries. Brit thoroughly covered them so there’s really nothing left to say on the topic.

4.      The freshness. All of the ingredients are fresh and taste like they are prepared with love (corny, but every bite feels like a hug).

5.     The service. When dining in, the staff is so friendly you almost offer a chair for them to sit and join you.

6.     The portions. The turkey club is pretty massive and usually lasts me 2 meals. Talk about bang for your buck (yay to my fellow ladies with Dom Pérignon taste on a Burnett’s budget!).

7.       The interior. Always warm and positive, with that charming old school diner vibe you just can’t get enough of. Many glorious Sunday morning conversations have taken place in those wooden booths between me and my friends.

So to sum it all up, I am crazy for Penn’s Table anytime, any day, any dish.

Rating: full lip nudity