The Mediterranean Bakery

When it comes to the number of restaurants and bakeries in town, I firmly believe the more the merrier. The Mediterranean Bakery, run by the owners of The Mediterranean (one of the best in town), is what Greek dreams are made of. Fresh and homemade baklava, cookies, breads, and cakes are sure to make even the most sinister smile.

Needing a little break from our day, Brit and I headed to the Mediterranean Bakery earlier this month. We walked in the door, our mouths watering with excitement, and were greeted by Margherita, one of the owners. Having just received a large order for a local country club she had her hands full, yet still took the time to explain what all the different desserts were and how there would be even more in the coming weeks.

Deciding on baklava for me and a chocolate raspberry brownie for Brit, we headed back to the office to devour our treats.

Hearing Brit making yum yum noises (mmmm, woah, so good) from my office, I had a feeling her brownie was more delicious than not. After coming down from her sugar high I asked her to describe her dessert in 3 words. Rich, moist (sorry, but there just is no other word to describe it), and large summed it up perfectly. More like cake than a brownie, Brit emphasized that the raspberry was spread throughout, so you got a little bit in every bite. Thick fudge-like icing topped off the brownie and sealed its status of pure decadence.

Chopped nuts held together by honey and lying between layers of filo, that is baklava. Margherita mentioned that she makes hers a little differently, but let me tell you, it’s fabulous. Hints of cinnamon could be tasted mixed in with the nuts and honey. Eating the baklava was like meditating. My mind was cleared except for the flavors melting on my tongue.

Rating: full lip nudity